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In real life, adrenochrome (C9H9NO3) is a chemical compound easily and cheaply mass produced from common elements found in nature or synthesized. While once thought to be useful as a psychiatric drug, it has since proven not to be better than placebo in scientific studies.

The adrenochrome QAnon people believe in, though, is not reality's adrenochrome, but is rather a sick fantasy. They believe it is a scarce resource only collectable from the pineal glands of children being tortured so as to create a flight or fight response. They believe that Hillary Clinton requires adrenochrome to stay alive, as she is old or something.

Many Q people believe the children, who they call "mole children", must be killed for their adrenochrome.

The existence of the harvesting process of adrenochrome is a widely believed, but Q has never said the word himself. See also: "These people are sick."