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Jim Watkins is the owner of 8chan, which became 8kun. He also runs the website (a phrase used by him when changing the ink in his high-end pen collection). Jim Watkins is also the probable owner of, as evidenced by that site being seen on the same IP address as his other websites.

Start in Web hosting[]

In the mid 1990's Jim Watkins formed his Company N.T. technology co-founded the website "The Asian Bikini Bar" with the goal of skirting Japanese anti-Obscenity laws by hosting adult material aimed at a Japanese audience outside of the country itself. In 2000 N.T. Technology began hosting Hiroyuki Nishimura's message board 2channel. In 2004 Jim relocated from the U.S. to the Philippines.[1]

8chan hosting[]

During the Gamergate Controversy in 2014 the message board 4chan banned Gamergate threads. This sent users to 8chan as it had substantially less moderation, as a result 8chan struggled with its Hosting due to a combination of exceeding bandwidth limitations and ISPs not supporting it due to its hateful and offensive content. Jim Watkins offered the sites owner Fredrick Brennan hosting in 2014 and helped him relocated to the Philippines.[2][3]

Qanon Connection[]

After Q message boards were deleted from 4chan Q migrated over to 8chan using a tripcode (an insecure security measure) to verify their identity while maintaining their anonymity. Because of the use of tripcodes as Q's verification method, they are entirely reliant on Jim Watkins for verification of their identity.[4] When 8chan went down and returned with the 8kun a user posting as Q used the same tripcode.[5] People familiar with the security issues involved in tripcodes contend that the Q now posting on 8kun is either Jim or Ron Watkins or possibly someone hired by the pair.[6] In addition to the Watkins being the only people who can verify the identity of Q Marc-André Argentino a doctoral student studying semantics at Concordia University has noted that Q drops from 8kun have syntax and grammar consistent with Jim Watkins Twitter posts.[7]

Mass shootings and congressional hearing[]

In 2019 following a string of mass shootings and terrorist attacks lead the web infrastructure company Cloudflare to drop 8chan as a client. Jim was subpoenaed by the House Homeland Security Committee to give testimony, noting that the El Paso shooting was " least the third act of white supremacist extremist violence linked to your website this year." Jim arrived at his hearing wearing a Q pin and defend his site adhering to a free speech absolutist position and stating 8chan "has no intent of deleting constitutionally protected hate speech."[8]

Other Ventures[]

A list of other website business ventures and projects own or operated by Jim Watkins

Disarm the Deep State[]

Disarm the Deep State is a Super PAC created by Jim Watkins. [9]


Audio.Books is an audio book site owned by Jim Watkins advertising books for sale on amazon. The content of these books is aimed at 8kun users including books on pickup artistry and conspiracy theories.[10] The site appears to be hosted by cloudflare despite having dropped Jim's other website 8kun as a client. [11]

The Goldwater[]

The Goldwater is a fake news website owned and operated by Jim Watkins to promote pro-Trump propaganda and conspiracy theories. The site is named after 1964 Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.[12] Like Books.Audio it appears to be hosted on Cloudflare's servers.[13]

Odd Behavior[]

You might think that a guy who supposedly oversees the most important information dissemination operation in history would have a very focused mind and keep the integrity of the operation as a top priority. Especially when you've been a featured speaker at Qanon conferences and have voiced support for the movement. But apparently Jim Watkins has a lot of other things on his mind besides stopping satanic pedophiles from taking over the world:

He also apparently has an interest in the hygeine of young men.