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PrayingMedic is one of the top Qanon influencers. He focuses more religious aspects and claims to have a ministry. PrayingMedic's interests that came before qanon, included faith healing, deep state conspiracies, spygate, and prophetic dreams. PrayingMedic is an author, a youtuber, and commands a large following on multiple other platforms, including twitter.

PrayingMedic has been following and comments about qanon since close to the very beginning.

PrayingMedic often will not come out with a definite prediction, and instead will say things he has seen in dreams or things he thinks might be true. His audience comes away expecting something specific to happen, but no one can say the prediction was strictly wrong. But PrayingMedic's videos do show clear narratives, many of which have been proven to be completely baseless.

List of PrayingMedic Narratives That Have Reasonably Been Shown to be False

  • The idea that Mueller's investigators were actually working to bring down the deep state, not investigating the Trump campaign's ties to Russia and the crimes associated with it.
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